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Investing in women-led startups

See Jane Invest represents a portfolio of investments in startups and films curated by Kelly Keenan Trumpbour. To receive an investment, startups must be founded or co-founded by a woman, they must provide a scalable business model with an exit strategy, and the company’s presence in the marketplace must provide some evidence of positive social impact. As a producer, Kelly supports women filmmakers and production companies.


Proday is a sports fitness media company that allows subscribers access to exclusive workouts from professional athletes and celebrities. Forbes called Proday ‘the ideal side hustle for pro athletes’. Proday is backed by the LA Dodgers, Randi and Arielle Zuckerberg and Kelly Keenan Trumpbour.

Sarah Kunst is founder and CEO of Proday. In addition, Kunst has worked at Apple, Red Bull, Chanel, Mohr Davidow Ventures and several venture backed startups. She is also a contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine and she writes and hosts a podcast for Forbes. Her philanthropic interests include Venture for America and The US State Department’s Tech Women program.

Kunst is on the 2015 Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 list, a judge for the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 and named a top 25 innovator in tech by Cool Hunting. She has been recognized for her work in Business Insider as a 30 under 30 Woman in Tech and Top African-American in Tech and Marie Claire Magazine named her a Young Gun to watch. She has written for Techcrunch, Fortune and Marc Andreessen named her one of his 55 Unknown Rock Stars in Tech.

She Started It Documentary, Nora Poggi, Insiyah Saeed, Thuy Truong, Stacey Ferreira, Sheena Allen, Brienne Ghafourifar, Agathe Molinar

She Started It, Documentary

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. The names that come to mind are usually Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Rarely does one think a young woman. And why would they? The Kauffman Foundation estimates that less than ten percent of all tech start-ups are founded by women. She Started It is a debut documentary film by Nora Poggi & Insiyah Saeed aiming to dispel those myths and spotlight those women that are starting companies. She Started It profiles five of those driven women – they are; Stacey Ferreira, Thuy Truong, Brienne Ghafourifar, Agathe Molinar & Sheena Allen. The film follows a few of these young entrepreneurs over the course of 2+ years and illuminates the ups and downs they face as they attempt to build their new businesses, for the first time on screen in an exciting, narrative, story driven film. By showcasing these young role models, we hope to ignite that spark, “If she could do it, I could do it!”

Nora Poggi, She Started It‘s, director and producer is French journalist with a background in film production who has been interviewing key players in Silicon Valley for the past four years. After graduating from French top schools Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne, she moved to San Francisco to work for French social network She then went back to her first love, films, with the production company Lucky Dragon Productions, where she trained in all areas of film production and promotion. At the same time, she started freelance reporting for on major Silicon Valley events, producing video interviews with tech industry players. She now also writes about entrepreneurship & tech for French newspaper Usine Nouvelle.

Insiyah Saeed is a journalist and documentary producer based in Silicon Valley who co-directed and produced She Started It. With a background in storytelling and a passion for women empowerment, Insiyah combines these two passions in her work on She Started It. As an award-winning writer in print, Insiyah has been published in Huffington Post, The New York Sun, The Wall Street Journal, Women 2.0 and other tech blogs. Insiyah is graduate of the Columbia J-School and has worked extensively in film.

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour joined She Started It as co-executive producer.

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Hip Chick Farms, Serafina Palandech, Jennifer Johnson


Chef Jen Johnson started her career working with Alice Waters, renowned chef and proprietor of Chez Panisse. It was there that she became passionate about creating food that incorporates only the freshest, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. However it was her work in Ann and Gordon Getty’s kitchen as their personal chef that motivated Jen to share her recipes with the world.

Explains co-founder Serafina Palandech, “Part of Jen’s job included cooking meals for all the children attending the school in the Getty’s home. All the kids loved her cooking – especially her chicken fingers!”

This became the inspiration for Hip Chick Farms’ line of artisan, transparently sourced poultry products that are convenient for busy families. “Our chicken products contain no artificial ingredients; it’s like I’m in your kitchen, making it for you fresh,” says Chef Jen.

Our products are kid tested, mother approved.

At Hip Chick Farms, we have a two part mission. First, provide delicious, thoughtful, and nutritious chicken products for all members of the family. Our food is easy-to-cook and fun to eat and makes you feel good. Our products meet the quality standards of today’s educated and busy consumers. Secondly, we believe in linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment. A portion of sales from every Hip Chick Farms product is donated to a local community organizations, and we are passionate about raising awareness about humanely farmed

Featured in The Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink in Food and Wine.

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Daily Worth, Amanda Steinberg


Amanda Steinberg launched DailyWorth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and an outsider’s perspective to personal finance. A successful computer programmer, Amanda was earning six figures, but she had built such an expensive life that even her best attempts at saving and investing were wiped out by life’s unexpected complications.

Frustrated by her inability to build net worth, she launched DailyWorth from an attic office in Philadelphia with a newborn in her arms. Today, DailyWorth’s newsletter reaches more than 1 million subscribers and growing.

DailyWorth is every woman’s guide to money, career, and business.
Our goal is that all women see money not as a source of stress and anxiety, but as one of freedom and empowerment. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Saving is not selfish. And spending doesn’t have to be accompanied by guilt. That’s DailyWorth’s promise.
Before DailyWorth, financial media meant stocks, bonds, retirement, and interest rates, bundled together with jargon and an unrealistic sense of how all this “advice” would apply to your life.
We take a broader approach to your money — exploring all areas of career, ambition, identity, relationships, and future security. We make money accessible by putting it in context and bringing you expert opinions from a variety of voices — from certified financial planners to money coaches to women who just lived through it. We’re here to keep it simple and tell it like it is.

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Unbound Box Polly Rodriguez


Polly Rodriguez is the CEO and co-founder of Unbound, a company that aims to make great sex accessible for all women. Unbound sells sexual lifestyle products through a highly curated e-commerce store and subscription box service. By focusing on product curation, quality content, and exceptional customer service – all delivered in the guise of a contemporary fashion or beauty brand — Unbound has built a loyal customer base of women. Unbound is positioned to be the premier site that women trust to deliver quality advice and products to enhance their sexual health and satisfaction.  

Allovue, Jess Gartner


Jess Gartner is the founder and CEO of Allovue, where edtech meets fintech – edfintech!

She has been featured as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in Education (2015, 2016 All-Star), The Baltimore Sun’s Women to Watch (2013), and Baltimore Magazine’s 40 Under 40 (2013). She was recognized as the 2014 Maryland SmartCEO Innovator of the Year in the Emerging Business category.

Before founding Allovue, Jess studied education policy at the University of Pennsylvania and taught in schools around the world, including Thailand, South Africa, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. As a Teach for America corps member, she taught middle school humanities in Baltimore City and received her M.A. in teaching from Johns Hopkins University.

Allovue is an education resource planning platform for K-12 schools and districts that empowers educators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of students. Their user-friendly software applications allow district officials, principals, and other school administrators to visualize, analyze, and optimize the impact of spending on outcomes in education. Allovue’s flagship product, Balance, contains applications to analyze school budgets, track and forecast expenditures, identify trends over time, and plan for future capital investments.

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Gold Bean, Jane Barratt


Jane Barratt is the founder & CEO of GoldBean. She is a long-term investor and champion of financial literacy. Her passion is connecting people with each other and ideas that can change their lives.

Her frustration with the disconnect between personal consumption (which drives the economy) and personal finance (from which only the wealthy benefit) inspired her to become a registered investment advisor, to apply a more empowered, personal and data-driven approach to investing.

Jane spent more than 20 years driving growth for Fortune 500 companies as a digital & marketing professional. Jane used what she saw to build a dynamic, personal investment portfolio that enabled her leap to the startup world.

Jane can usually be found extolling the benefits of investing and telling women to stop spending so much money on shoes, unless they buy shares in successful shoe companies, of course.

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